7 Free Alternatives to Paid Software Products

You are using a variety of software every day and most of the time you believe that you need a paid product for one of your tasks. But there are many free, open source, and high quality alternatives available for personal use in almost every software category.

Alternatives To Paid Software

Here are some some popular software packages and their free alternatives:

Kaspersky vs. Avast

There are many options available for paid antivirus programs, but Kaspersky is a popular choice of the majority of people.


  • Guaranteed customer service support and sometimes cheaper upgrades for newer versions
  • Secure password generators, malicious website detectors, and other “internet security” tools, etc.

You can get the free version of Avast! As an alternative.


  • Get the same level of virus protection similar to the paid product
  • “Internet security” features, etc.

Microsoft Office vs. LibreOffice

Nearly everybody needs to install an office suite to view and manage presentations, documents, and spreadsheets. Microsoft Office is a first choice for many people.


  • Powerful features like advanced spelling and grammar checker, highly capable macros, etc.
  • Microsoft Office file formats are the standard formats used worldwide, they promise guaranteed compatibility

The best free alternative to Microsoft Office would be LibreOffice.


  • Offers basic to mid-level features
  • Decent compatibility, etc.

Adobe Photoshop versus GIMP

Adobe Photoshop is an excellent photo editing tool. It offers many powerful features.


  • Efficient workflow
  • Many innovative features, for example, content-aware resizing
  • De facto photo editing tool used by majority of professionals

GIMP is a free and open source alternative to Adobe Photoshop.


  • Offers virtually similar features as Photoshop
  • Plugins support to add extra features which are not already included
  • Good Compatibility with PSD file format

Adobe Illustrator versus Inkscape

Adobe Illustrator is a popular paid tool for vector graphic editing. It offers many advanced features.


  • Edit clones on canvas, tiled clones, etc.
  • Edit SVG source directly
  • One-click paint bucket fill, etc.

A free and open source alternative is Inkscape. It provides virtually similar features as compared to Illustrator.


  • Cross Platform
  • Provides many SVG features, etc.

    Sprinkle Pro EX Player versus VLC Media Player

    Sprinkle Pro EX Player is a famous paid media player. It’s an all-in-one media player which provides many features.


  • Plays all types of video and audio formats
  • Great customer support
  • A decent alternative is VLC Media Player. It is a free and open source media player which offers variety of cool features.


    • Plays virtually every media format imaginable
    • Cross platform and lightweight

    Outlook versus Gmail

    Outlook has always been a preferred email client for many people. It is suitable for both enterprise as well as personal environments.


    • Supports connection to any email account along with Exchange accounts
    • Advanced sync with exchange-based calendar, memo, tasks, etc.
    • Highly customizable and secure

    For personal environments, Gmail is the best alternative.


    • Powerful and useful filters
    • Easy connectivity to Gmail accounts on mobile devices

    iTunes versus Amarok

    iTunes allows you to easily organize your music by managing tracks, playlists, etc. Synchronizing your music to and from iPod is a very important feature of iTunes. Videos and photos can also be played back and stored on iPod.

    Amarok is a free and open source music player with user-friendly interface. Features include equalizer, podcasting and visualization, dynamic playlists, etc. It also synchronizes your music to your iPod.

    Any other gem we missed?

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