Are Solar Panels Worth The Investment?

You have likely read how solar panels can help to alleviate your power bills and save the environment. Yes, often these pieces of equipment do have a lot to offer in the way of saving money and providing clean renewable energy. The real question is whether or not they are worth the investment.

Are Solar Panels Worth It?


There are many types of solar cells and as many brands and types of solar panels. Common ones include polycrystalline, monocrystalline, hybrid, AllBlack panels and others.

When looking at the cost of a panel several things need to be taken into consideration: power output (in kilowatts), life expectancy, maintenance requirements. A typical 2-3kW setup (including installation, balancing systems, monitoring, etc.) will cost around $15,000. A higher class, higher output system will run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Chinese solar panels are very very cheap, but not recommended, as they’ll probably stop working really quickly. Also note that many countries have great solar power programs in place that can cut your bill in half or more by providing great incentives.

Going 100% Solar

People dream of going off the electrical grid and paying the electrical companies no more. But often times this is not really possible. Going completely solar requires a lot of investment into the hardware, into your home. Don’t expect to be able to microwave food, and use an electric stove and kettle just like that.

Where Are Panels Placed?

Many people choose to have panels installed directly on their roof. This is a simple way to save property space and it allows the panels to be in a direct path for the sun rays. The rays from the sun are what helps to power your home. This is a problem if you live in a large block of flats and are sharing a roof with 600 other apartment owners.

Why Wouldn’t Solar Panels Be Worth The Investment?

Some homes and locations do not receive enough sun to make the investment of purchasing panels worth it. Over the course of time, your investment will be worth it as long as you are in a location that makes sense.

So how would one know if they’re in a good location for solar panels? Thankfully, Google Maps has released a service that helps locate homes that are good candidates for solar panels. Project Sunroof is the name of the service that can help determine if you are in a good spot. Google uses many different calculations to determine whether or not your home would benefit from the panels. They take into account weather patterns, shade, and other factors to give you a good idea of how much output your panels will have.

Are There Other Calculators I Can Use to Determine Output?

In addition to Project Sunroof, there are other solar panel calculators that you can utilize to determine if it is worth it to have one installed.

When you have enough information, you can make a good decision in regards to improving your home. These resources will help you determine whether or not your location, chosen hardware, and quantity of panels make you a good candidate for going solar power.

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