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Building Your First Budget

“Budget” is a scary word for many people. Some people even feel that they don’t make

Finding Your Spending Habits

Most of the choices we make each day may feel like the result of well thought

Placed In Collections: Part 2

The Consequences of Unpaid Debt Every day, cubicles all over America are filled with debt collectors

Prepare to Become an Independent Contractor

More and more people are leaving behind the salaried comfort of traditional employment for the freedom

Going Into Business With Your Partner or Family

Small towns all over America were built from the ground up with the help of small

Profit Reinvestment 101

You have just made your first million. You are super excited. Touching a million in profits

Securing Your Children’s Financial Freedom

As a parent, you have the incredible responsibility of giving your children their best chance, to

Placed In Collections: Part 1

A Quick Overview of Basic Collection Laws You become a “debtor” as soon as you have

Time Value of Money

Time value of money is the main concept of accounting. It tells us that the value

Paying Off Debt

Money is a complex thing. There is a saying that “money can’t buy happiness.” However, depending