Cash In The Trash

They say that oftentimes we look too far for something when it is just right in front of us. Here we list down some common items we see everyday that could surprise us because they can be traded in for some good cash.

Cash In The Trash

Tin Cans

Tin cans are common and most popular, but we added this to the list as they are very easy to collect and have good selling potential. If you are a soda drinker or you love canned goods, you can collect and sell the tin cans instead of throwing them away. It may not be that much if it were only you, but if you belong to a family with several members or a neighborhood who doesn’t have yet existing recycling programs, you can make a considerable amount of money. You may visit for more details on where you could sell these items.


Go through your wardrobe and check your clothes. Chances are you may have a couple of items you don’t anymore wear because they no longer fit, they are out of your present style, or they need a little bit of repairing. Instead of throwing them or letting them occupy space in your wardrobe for nothing, you can actually sell them in several ways. You can sell via social media or in online marketplaces such as eBay. You can also look out for car boot or garage sales in your community and participate. As secondhand clothing is becoming widely accepted these days, you have a good market.

Human Hair

Selling of human hair may not have gone as mainstream as tin cans and preloved clothes but their is in fact a strong consumer base. Human hair is used commonly for wigs, hair extension, or even accessories. There are several online sites that cater buy and sell of human hair. We tried to compute the value of a 10 inch, black, and virgin hair on this site and it was valued at $100. You make a hundred bucks by just growing your hair! How great can that be? The price also depends on the length, color, and health of your hair. Some claim to have sold their hair at a $1000 price.

Used Cooking Oil

As astonishing as it may seem, used cooking oil can be recycled for cash. Oil is recycled in many ways, the most common of which is to fuel fireplaces and heaters during winter. The buying price can be up to 66 cents per gallon. If you store the used cooking oil in all your family occasions, community gatherings, or outreach programs, it can sum up to a fair amount of money. Apart from the cash, you also have a good way to dispose yet another waste.

Gift Certificates and Discount coupons

Gift cards and certificates are often a convenient way to give gifts. Sometimes, though, if you are the recipient, you may not have the time or interest to avail of those items. Similarly, we face the same dilemma on discount coupons. Most of these have expiry dates so if you think you won’t be able to use them in time, you better sell them off.

Recycling is indeed for the environment but we hope that today, you also get to find some cash in the trash.

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