Eating On $3 A Day

We all think that eating cheap isn’t possible, as many times we have to deal with quite a lot of issues such as overpriced food and at the same time you might end up not liking the cheap food as well. While checking out the web for great ways to purchase cheap food we stumbled upon an intriguing video that really shows us how a guy managed to live off $3 a day, all he had to do was to be creative and find cheap food, even some free food.


One thing we liked about the video is the creative approach that the guy in question has, because he does think a lot about budgeting and personal finance, he really wants to save money and that’s a great way to start such a challenge.

At the same time, even if he had $20 for an entire week, he focused on the essential. You do need beans and protein in order to survive, but at the same time you also require veggies and some fruit. It’s amazing how many items you can add in the basket for a week, even if you are on a limited budget, it all comes down to being creative and having fun.

Some might argue that the portions he made are small, and many persons won’t really feel satisfied with them. However the main idea of this video is to offer you a really cool insight into how you can make smaller portions, eat healthier and take care of your body properly, all while saving money and eating cheap as well.

Since the guide is created for each day of the week, you can follow it without a problem. Of course, prices might be a little higher where you live, but what the video teaches you is to lower the costs of your food, not really eating with $3 a day.

He also showed some creative ways to get free food, most of which we agree with, so you should try them out, samples are really good!

Internet reaction

We’re amazed to see how much enthusiasm people tend to have with this idea. Being able to eat cheap is one thing, but saving money and having a better personal finance management idea is an entirely new one. It’s really nice to see that most of the people online agree with this video, so we do feel that integrating this into your life, be it for a simple week, can really have some benefits on your body.

There are some persons that don’t like smaller portions, they want to eat until fully satisfied, and at the same time many complain about needing a lot of time in order to prepare everything properly. Then there’s also the need for cooking equipment you must have in your home already in order to cook this.

All in all, the How To Live On $3 a Day is really offering a great way to understand that you don’t have to pay a lot of money in order to eat something, many times $3 or something around that number might be more than enough to satisfy your food needs. Since each of us has a different taste and maybe these portions might not be enough, but it’s safe to say that this video does show us we can eat cheap and save money at the same time, which is amazing considering how expensive pre-manufactured meals can be nowadays. If you love a challenge, this might be right up your alley!

And here’s part two of the “eating on $3 a day” experiment:

Have you tried this? Can you manage on less? Perhaps by growing your own food?

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