On Financial Advisers: When to Get One?

If you do any sort of investing or are thinking about it, you have probably thought about getting a financial adviser, if you don’t already have one, this information is for you. There are several advantages to having your own financial adviser which you need to know about.

Financial Advisers

Financial Advisers image by Jeremy Segrott

New Investors Need Advisers

If you’re a new investor and have never done anything in the market before, it’s to your advantage to get a financial adviser. If you go at it alone, you’ll end up making a lot of mistakes along the way which could cost you a lot of money. Financial advisers are there to help you thorough the process of investing. Once you get your feet wet, you’re you can do the transactions yourself if you like. A good adviser is essential to helping you through the entire process and showing you how things work.

If You Have Accounts at Different Locations

If you have accounts at various locations, it can be an advantage to have an adviser for each account. Each financial institution probably does things a bit differently and you may need an adviser to help you through the process at each institution. You really only need more than one adviser if you do a lot of investing and have multiple accounts you need to manage. In general, one good adviser is going to be more than enough.

Taxes and Other Complex Subjects

Financial advisers can help you through complex financial matters such as taxes, for example. If you do this on your own you may not be taking advantage of all the tax breaks and other deals that can come about when investing. A good adviser can also help you understand the different accounts and options that are available to you that you may have overlooked or don’t understand fully. Without an adviser you may not be maximizing the potential of your money. An adviser can help you make the right choices in regards to investing, savings, and other money management issues.

A good adviser will help you get the most out of your money because they understand the entire process. Once you let them know what you want to do with your money, they can set to work putting your income to work for you so your money grows over time. By not using an adviser you miss out on their expert financial advice and your returns on investments can suffer as a result.

Adviser Fees

There are naturally fees associated with advisers. Some may charge a flat rate on their services where others may get a commission on a transaction. For example, if you sell a stock, the adviser may make a commission on the sale. advisers are great if you don’t intent to touch your money for a long time, but if you do transactions all the time, these fees can really eat into your profits. Make sure you check all fees before you work with an adviser to minimize your expenses.

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