Stock Market Rewind 2015

The stock market went through quite a lot of changes in 2015, and in this article we are going to focus on some of the most important ones, a reminder of what happened this year and what we can expect from the future.


January 2015 was all around Switzerland unpegging franc from euro. This was a major change for sure and one that brought in front immense possibilities all around. Another important piece of news from January is that Shake Shack managed to double its IPO, an incredible achievement. Box jumped 66% on debut and the Apple stocks hit 700 billion at the stock market.


An important event was the release of Apple Watch, all while the Shanghai comp managed to receive a boost of around 35%, a major increase when compared to the same period last year. Tesla also introduced the powerwall battery that managed to bring an increase in their total stocks.


May was the month of Biotech booming, mainly because of the benefits that it started to bring in the healthcare industry. This is also the month when Snapchat received a valuation of $16 billion. Yet the most interesting thing when it comes to valuations is definitely the $51 billion Uber valuation that topped Facebook’s valuation, which is quite extraordinary on its own. At the same time, Fitbit debuted with a great IPO of 350 million.


An important piece of news in this regard is that Jack Dorsey is back at Twitter. Also in July, NASDAQ managed to hit a record high, something that definitely brought new and interesting possibilities to the table.


In August, Google introduced Alphabet, their new mother company that would basically integrate all the services which would not fit to the search engine giant’s main piece of business. Towards the end of August we witnessed the crash of Exon, S&P, as well as China’s stock market.


In September Hillary Clinton pledged to stop price gouging in the pharma industry, something that lead to a major crash, but thankfully that didn’t last long.


During this month the commodity crash continued to show new results, and gold fell to the lowest level since 2010.

And these are some of the major happenings in the stock market for 2015. Sure, there were a few minor downfalls here and there, but the reality is that the stock market has managed to grow stronger and stronger. When it comes to what we expect for 2016, there are quite a lot of things here. From a better price for gold and a commodity value increase, there are plenty of ideas and things that you should look up to, but we will definitely be able to see the results very fast in 2016. In the meantime, 2015 remains one of the standout years in the stock market, and a very important year that leads to the 2016 elections, yet another thing that will obviously influence the stock market!


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