The Biggest Surprises of Being Rich

For most people like me who have never been that rich in their lives, the biggest wonder is how it is to be rich. I mean, the luxurious worldly possessions are given but how it is to be rich — the stuff that others don’t see — is what’s more interesting.

How To Be Rich

Here we compile some of the biggest surprises of being rich, straight from those who have been where most people could only wish to be. You’ll find some insightful ones and others that are just undeniably hilarious!

The “friends” you didn’t know you had

They say that when you get rich, people pop out of nowhere and claim to be your so-called “friends” (quotation marks intended). They call you up when they need a ride, for example, but suddenly disappear when you are no longer able to service them. One even said he became a “bank”, the go-to person when someone needs money, and when he refused their requests, he was suddenly the bad guy. Poor thing; probably makes you want to re-think being rich.

Unsolicited comments on the cost of your clothing

One mentioned that he got pissed when kids in school never fail to make comments on the cost (and not the quality) of the clothes he wears, the car he drives, or the vacation his family takes. His narrative sounded like someone really pissed off but this might be considered one of those petty ‘rich kid problems’.

Necessity of keeping the actual numbers a secret

They say that flaunting your riches — a Ferrari, a mansion on hectares of land, or a vacay at the Bahamas whatsoever — is totally fine but never mention the figures of your income because it “pisses people off”. There was no exact reason stated but if we were to imagine being rich, we could guess that we really don’t want to sound too flashy or want people to expect from our wealth. Security considerations might also be a good reason.

There is no magic get-rich-quick scheme

This probably didn’t come off as a surprise but more of a confirmation from a qualified source, someone who has really been there. Easy money usually don’t last and the glory of working your way up is probably more rewarding than the money itself.

The money you have is not enough

Uh-oh! Those who were earning 6 to 7 figures commented that as their income rose, they felt like they are still not making enough. One said that “my definition of rich always changes as my income changes.” So, what is all the hustle and bustle for if it won’t be enough? Perhaps it is with spending on the wrong things or for the wrong reasons.

Finally, let me quote a personal favorite:

“Money doesn’t make you happy but lack of money definitely makes you unhappy. Once you go past a threshold income level, you have to look [for] happiness elsewhere.”

So, what makes you happy? Something you and I could ponder upon one day, when we get to those 7-digit figures. ;-)


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