Why Do We Pay Taxes?

Each year we groan about paying taxes. We all have to do this and it’s a necessary evil after the new year which we all dread. Did you ever stop and wonder why we actually have to pay taxes?

Why We Pay Taxes

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The Government and Taxes

In the U.S. we have national(federal) state and local governments and each of them has various parts such as th legislators which make up the laws, the executives who enforce those laws, judges and others. The money that these government workers make come from the taxes.

The taxes you pay come in different forms. For example, when you work you pay taxes on the income that you make. Apart of this money is withheld and kept out of the paycheck to pay the government. When you purchase things at the store, you pay a sales tax on those items you buy. Food or prescriptions are general not taxed, but when you eat out, this is taxed. If you own some property, you’ll pay taxes based upon the value of that property. So as you can see, there are many different taxes you have to pay the government. People that earn less money in general don’t pay as much tax as someone that has a higher salary. Taxes can be complicated and many people hire a tax professional at tax time to sort through what they owe or if they are getting money back from the government.

It’s The Law

We pay taxes because it’s the law. if you don’t pay your taxes the IRS or Internal Revenue Service will come after you. This may include fines, penalties, or even jail time. Everyone has to pay taxes so you’re not doing yourself any favors by trying to avoid them as it’s simply not worth it. Taxes go to support many services such as firefights, police, schools, roads, and many projects which improve the country.

Taxes in essence, are a way to raise money for the government to improve the quality of life of all individuals in the country. Many projects simply cost too much money and the only way to pay for it is for everyone to contribute to the project. These taxes that we pay are the main source of revenue for the government. We pay the government to do its job through our taxes. For the government to run efficiently and improve the quality of our lives, they have to raise taxes to pay for their own expenses which can be monumental. The government spends a lot of money throughout the year on various projects and services for the common individual so at tax time, they have the revenues they need to pay for all the services.

Taxes are a part of all of our lives and while we don’t like them very much, they are used to improve the country and provide a whole host of valuable services. Taxes are never going to go away and like they say only two tings are certain in life, “death and taxes.”


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